From Point A to Point B…and Everything in Between



Photo Cred: Rocco Castiglione and The Berrics

Could there be anything more beautiful? If you answered “The Boston Red Sox and their grizzly bear beards”, I’ll take that answer as a close second.

Just take a minute, sit back, and compare the movement between a pedestrian and a skateboarder. Notice how static a pedestrian moves; searching for a way to get from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, and we all know that’s a straight line (shout out to my high school geometry teacher for that one!) But, take a look at the movement of a skateboarder. It’s almost as if this image should come with a “Warning: Image may cause seizures” sign before being able to view it. I dare you to start at the beginning of one of these lines and try to successfully follow it from end-to-end, without messing up. These lines are as chaotic as a drunken frat-boy “rumblin, bumblin, stumblin” (Chris Berman, every football highlight ever, 1990-present) his way through a college-town bar looking for his next victim…I mean, “girlfriend”.

This is what makes skateboarding so unique: the creativity. In this one spot alone, the artist shows 10 different lines a skateboarder could take to complete his/her (because skateboarding isn’t sexist) run, and that number is this low because there was probably a dimension requirement for the picture. I could add upwards to 25-30 more lines to this picture, but all you would see is a blue sidewalk, and that would be a poor representation of the point.

Having the “eye”  to visualize one of these lines is pretty remarkable in and of itself. The visual preparation to nail down a line can take up to 15-20 minutes before you actually start skating. Take into consideration it’s not just about what route you’re going to take, but also what tricks you’re wanting to throw down in the line.

Thinking of a way to prevent a skater from completing his line? Nahhh, not possible. The “creativity” and the “eye” skaters have is remarkable. Throw anything into the middle of this plaza-type drawing, and we will find a way to skate it. A fire hydrant? We’ll flip over it. Skate stoppers? We’ll slide over them. A tree? We’ll go up it.

(“Really? Up it?”)


Photo Cred: Transworld Skateboarding


There aren’t many things a skater won’t try to skate, which is why, in my eyes, skateboarding is one of the most unique sports out there.


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