October Baseball at its Finest…Well, Kind of



This. This is why October baseball is amazing. This is the exact swing Big Papi himself put on a first-pitch fastball from Tigers closer Joaquin Benoit in the bottom of the 8th, with two outs. The Sox were down 5-1 entering this inning and still struggling to even make contact at the plate. But, with one flick of the wrists they were all knotted up at 5. It was the latest game-tying grand slam in post season history, and it couldn’t have happened to a more clutch player. If (when) the Sox go on to win it all this year, this one swing will be viewed as the turning point for the Sox.

Now, I’m a guy who will give credit when credit is due, and the Tigers pitching staff, especially the starters of both games one and two, are making the Sox look foolish at the plate. Six innings of no-hit ball by Anibal Sanchez with 12 K’s in a game one victory, and then another no-no into the 6th inning with 13 K’s from Max Scherzer in game two? If my math is correct, you’re looking at a combined 11+ innings with 25 K’s. That’s almost unheard of. Also, in game one the Tigers were two outs away from being the first team to throw a combined no-hitter in a post season game. I was grumpier than…well, let’s just say I was so grumpy I couldn’t think of one of the tear-jerking analogies I’m so famous for. It’s not going to get any easier for the Sox going into game three at Comerica Park. They have to face 6-time All Star and the 2011 AL Cy Young award winner Justin Verlander (he also dated Kate Upton, that little punk – not Kate Upton, Verlander).

One thing that may have gone unnoticed by a lot of viewers (but not me, because I’m a baseball genius) is that the Sox third base coach, Brian Butterfield, basically saved the game. You may be asking, “how does a third base coach save the game?” Well, let me tell you with my record-setting baseball IQ: Will Middlebrooks was on second base when Pedroia hit a laser in between first and second. Now, typically a runner who is on second will try to score, but Mr. Butterfield, being the same baseball genius as yours truly, knew there were two outs and Papi was coming to the plate. It would have been a TERRIBLE idea to send Middlebrooks, knowing Torii Hunter was playing right field (he’s got a cannon). So, Butterfield alertly stopped Middlebrooks, and the rest is history. Brilliant, glorious Red Sox post season history. I solute you, Mr. Butterfield, along with all of Red Sox Nation.

Well, that was a brief VERY brief overview of the first two games of the 2013 ALCS. The Sox and Tigers are playing, well, right now. As previously stated , Verlander is on the bump for the Tigers, while Lackey is going for the Sox. Whoever wins this game will hold a series lead of 2-1. Hopefully the Sox can ride Sunday night’s momentum into today and steal (OH MY GOD, THE STEAL! – Sox fans know what I’m talking about) one away from one of two aces the Tigers have. By the way, whose idea was it to make a start time for an ALCS game 4:00pm EST on a weekday?! I need to call up commissioner Selig and talk to him about this. This is unacceptable.

Go Sox!


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