The Saying is True…


…you never realize how much you miss something until it’s gone. It’s been just about two days since the last time I skated, and to a lot of you, two days isn’t that long. But, what if I said two days ago was the last time I’ve skated in the past two weeks – give or take a few. Now that is worthy of some water works. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to skate, because I know my brain doesn’t function like that. It’s more along the lines of life getting in the way.

Towards the end of last week  we had a storm system come through that lasted 4 days (Thursday night(ish) – early Monday morning), and it affected my holiday weekend I dedicated to skating – which is really the only time I have nowadays, with the sun setting sooner. I’m talking enough rain to make Noah consider building another ark. Luckily, we didn’t have to do that, because I wouldn’t be able to let only 2 animals of each kind on; I’m too nice. Then came Monday evening, where I skated with my friend ______ (name left out for security purposes, but I did use the exact amount of underscores to represent the letters of his name) well beyond sunset. I ended up closing the place down. It was pure bliss. Tuesday, the most handsome group of men in the world had a playoff game at 4:00pm that I watched, but I’ll never place the blame on them. And, I didn’t get home from work until 6:45pm yesterday, forcing me to cancel my skate-date with my aforementioned friend ______. Being the nice guy he is, he fully understood (at least that’s what he told me). And, Mother Nature, being the most inconvenient bitch that she is, decides to likely make it rain (not the good kind) at 5:30pm tonight; just about the time I get home. I may just start crying.

You know how some people listen to music, or read a book when they need to get their minds off things? Well, I just hop on my board and go. It’s something about the wind in my face, and the noise the wheels make going across the pavement that puts me at ease. Skateboarding acts as the bridge between breaking away from life’s hectic moments and leading me to a meditation-type state of mind. If I happen to leave a few marks along the way, who cares? Not me!

So please, skateboard, can we go on another date soon? I hear you rolling around in my backseat crying, and I can only assume it’s because I’ve ridden you once in the past 2 weeks (hmmm…can I make this sound anymore sexual?). You’re the only Girl I ever want to ride (to answer my previous question; why yes, yes I can!). I just can’t live without you. I miss you…(Cue Baby Come Back by Player)

Go Sox!


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