Rewriting History


Photo Cred: Boston Red Sox Official Instagram

Late into the fall-night of October 19th, 2013, the Boston Red Sox continued to pile up historic stat after historic stat. After Shane Victorino (The Flyin’ Hawaiian), having looked like he didn’t know how to swing a bat in his previous 23 at-bats (2-23), took advantage of an 0-2 curve ball from Jose Veras that caught too much of the plate, the Sox became the first team to hit two game-tying/go-ahead grand slams in the 7th inning or later in a single post season (ESPN Stats and Information). Putting more and more distance between them and and the down-right disgusting season they had a year ago, their game 6 win over the Detroit Tigers marked only the 7th time since 1990 that a team made the world series after finishing in last place a season before (ESPN Stats and Information). Granted, those other 6 teams to do so are a combined 1-5 when it comes to winning the whole thing, I dare you to tell those beards that history is against them. You know what they’ll do with those comments? Besides laugh at you and move on to the next task at hand, they will do the same thing they did with those comments made at the beginning of the season, stating 2013 will be a rebuilding year; use it as motivation.

I don’t think I’ve seen a closer group of guys in my life. In my opinion, one of the biggest driving forces behind the 2013 Boston Red Sox is “team chemistry”: almost every player on the team has a beard; the pitchers (including some position players) have three lines cut into their hair at the bottom of their hairline on their neck; they have a statue of a Native American (called The Chief) that pitcher Jake Peavy bought from a cigar shop while on a West Coast trip in August that is taken with them everywhere. These things may seem irrelevant to some people, but it plays a huge role in the clubhouse, in the dugout, in the bullpen, and on the field. The team chemistry the Sox have developed allows one player to pick the other one up when they strike out/don’t move a runner over/botch a play; it allows the catchers to call the game no matter who is on the mound; it allows the fielders to know the range of one another on balls put in play. Of course, a lot of these things develop over time, but team chemistry allows them to develop at a much faster rate (i.e. the 2013 Boston Red Sox).

So, here’s to hoping the 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals will be as attention grabbing as the ALCS, with the Sox prevailing in no more than 5 games (my poor little heart won’t be able to take more than 5 games of stress related activity). It’ll definitely be a family-divided time period for my dad and me, seeing as how he is a Cardinals fan (sorry if I call you some bad things, dad; it’s for the love of the game).

Is it too much to ask for a repeat-sweep, similar to that of 2004, Sox? Thanks a bunch! Smooches XOXO!


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