Oh. My. God. I. Got. My. 500th. View.


At some point yesterday a kind citizen from Brazil became the 500th viewer of my blog. Now, I don’t know this for sure, but hear me out on my logic (you better agree with me, or else). I know someone from Brazil viewed my blog yesterday, therefore we can make an educated guess and say that he/she was my 500th viewer, because, well…that makes it cool as hell (we stay fly, no lie, you know it…RHYMIN!). I will now be as conceited and over-the-top stuck-up as Paris Hilton, simply because of how successful my blog has become in such a short period of time. I want nothing to do with you if you’re not a celebrity like me. Shut up.

Anyways, I haven’t written on here in about a week, and I want apologize for my laziness. I was in the process of transitioning from an intern to a full-time employee – a daunting task of basically moving my laptop to another desk, and signing an offer letter – and I was also in New Orleans for a bachelor party over the weekend, which is a whole different story no one will ever hear about. Had I written while in the Bayou, my posts would have been along the lines of “fsadmlfkioi3cpq fjsadkh hfuioh34982gQ#$T#$ f au8934#$#”, so I figured I’d save you the time. My mind may still be a little blurry from the aforementioned bachelor party, but I wanted to tell you personally I am back writing, and hoping/wishing you all read my posts and pass my page along to friends and relatives; hell, even strangers – I don’t mind.

I want to personally thank everyone who has read any of my posts, and contributed to getting the word out about my blog.  I really started this blog on a whim while talking to a friend of mine, and I’m pretty surprised/stoked it’s been even this successful from when I wrote my first post. So, if you could just leave your name, address, and cell-phone number in the comment section below, I’ll be in touch with you soon. Don’t worry, it’s only creepy if I think it’s creepy, and I don’t.

With that being said, I leave you with a sweet selfie of me before I rob a convenient store, shirtless, in GTAV. I probably ruined this poor clerk’s day, and possibly the rest of his life. I may have even shot him. I don’t remember. It was the heat of the moment. However, I did get $1,500+!

Olympic Fwy

Go Sox!


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