Boston Strong


And the winner of the 2013 World Series is…those bearded-beauties: The Boston Red Sox!!! Does that banner (pictured above) on Yawkey Way look immaculate, or what? The fact there are two other red ones – red indicating World Series wins – behind it makes it that much better. I have a man-crush on every last one of those players, even Clay Buchholz – the guy my dad thinks looks like a homeless WWII veteranAfter 95 years, a streak that started way back when the Great Bambino wore the beloved Red Sox jersey, the Boston Red Sox clinched a World Series in their home park – Fenway. There are fans who not only didn’t get to see this day happen, but also may not have gotten to see the Sox win a world Series at all! I’m talking about history here, people!

Now, here come the interesting stats provided to us by ESPN and the Elias Sports Bureau: Manager John Farrell joined a prestigious group by winning a World Series in just his first season as a manager of a team. The last manager to do that? Terry Francona, ex-manager of the Red Sox in 2004. Koji Uehara, perhaps the most dominating pitcher in all of the MLB this season, became the first Japanese-born pitcher to record the final out in a World Series clincher. He also has one of the cutest kids you’ll ever see. En route to his comeback after Tommy John’s surgery, John Lackey became the first pitcher to win multiple World Series clinching games for different teams. All of Fenway Faithful, including myself now love him. David Ortiz reached base in 19 of 25 (76%) plate appearances, second to Billy Hatcher in 1990. He also drank from the largest champagne bottle ever seen by the naked eye. Although the Red Sox won the World Series despite a .211 batting average, the lowest by a World Series winner since the 1972 A’s, their pitching was simply amazing – a team ERA of 1.84, the lowest by an AL team in a single World Series since the 1983 Orioles. I guess that just adds more evidence to the saying “defense wins you championships”.

Enough about stats, even though I can go on about those for quite some time, but I figured I would spare you from reading numbers. I do, however, want to talk about one thing that got under my skin from reading comment-boards after Wednesday night (it has to do with the Boston Marathon Bombing). And, before I share my thoughts and opinions on this matter, in no way, shape, or form does it change my views on the Boston Marathon Bombing, because that was one of the most horrendous, disgusting terrorists attacks on this nation. My deepest condolences went out to the families and individuals who were affected by this attack, and it still goes out to all of them. With that being said: the 2013 Boston Red Sox didn’t deserve this World Series win because of what happened on the afternoon of April 15th, 2013. They deserved this World Series win because they fought off pitches, got key hits, made run-saving plays on defense, held runners stranded in scoring position, played the game of baseball. Even if these individuals meant no harm in making that comment, they – most of them fans of other teams, and claim to “hate” the Red Sox on any other day – should be ashamed of themselves for saying it. Yes, the bombing played a role in motivating the Red Sox, and the Red Sox did so much for the community after the attack, but don’t say they deserved this title because of it. It’s kind of insulting to both the Red Sox and the city of Boston.

To end on a lighter note, congrats to the Red Sox again for proving doubters and experts who stated this year would be a rebuilding year wrong. Red Sox nation throughout the world couldn’t be more proud of the heart and soul this team has. I’ll leave you all with two quotes from the two of the more vocal players of the 2013 Red Sox; Big Papi and Jonny Gomes:

  • “When we started rolling, nobody ever stopped the train.” – Papi
  • “As soon as we went to Fort Myers, the movie’s already been written. All we had to do was press play, and this is what happened.” – Gomes

Here’s to a long, yet celebratory off-season!


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