It Happened Again…



Sorry for the small thumbnail picture. The image editor kept timing out, but as you can see

the golf ball attached to my ankle isn’t normal. Also, my toes were cold. Shut up.

There I was, winding down a marvelous Saturday afternoon at the skate park with my friends Luis, Duncan, and all of the other skate rats. It was a windy fall afternoon, one in which if you were being active you could workup a sweat, but if you were standing still mother nature and her brisk winds will definitely have an affect on your genitalia. We were testing out the slow-motion capability of my iPhone 5S while doing a few flat-ground tricks, when all of a sudden one of the worst things that could possibly happen to a skater happened: I rolled my ankle, thus severely spraining it. I was working on my half-cab flips when my right foot slipped off the tail of the board, thus putting me on the DL for a solid 3+ weeks. Now, I’ve rolled my ankle plenty of times while skating in the past, but very few times like this, especially on flat ground. I was on the ground in the fetal position for a solid 20-seconds holding my ankle. When you roll your ankle bad enough to where it starts to burn, that’s when you know you’re toast. Kiss the skateboard goodbye, and tell her you’ll see her later on down the road. It will be tough, but I believe in you. We all do.

Once you’ve severally rolled your ankle in the past while skating, anytime it happens again, no matter the severity, you always fall to the ground thinking it was worse than it typically was. You know those little kids who make a big deal about not getting the newest toy that comes out, just to totally forget about it 5 minutes later? Most of the time it’s like that, where all you need is that 5 minute break before you can hop back on your board and continue skating, but you still freak out when it happens. Call it whatever you want, but I call it taking precaution.

The only other time I can think of where I rolled my ankle this bad was, ironically, right around the same time last year (note to self: never skate during the middle of N(M)ovember ever again, it’s an omen). I was trying to kickflip a set of stairs, and I kicked my board away mid-trick, just to have it bounce back under my feet, causing my right foot and right leg to form a 90 degree angle once hitting the ground. What made matters worse was I was visiting home (DC) while still enrolled at school in South Carolina, so I had to drive 6+ hours with a gimpy right ankle just days after severely spraining it. Also, it was in the middle of our flag football season at school, and I was the quarterback (let’s just say my teammates weren’t too sympathetic). Luckily, this time I had a 5 minute drive back to my house, where I propped my foot up on the couch, and laid there for 8 hours, and I am currently on zero flag football teams.

Thank god the PlayStation 4 comes out in three days. It will momentarily replace the skateboard in my life, only until my ankle heals up. Upon the healing of my ankle my off-time will be evenly distributed 70/30, PS4/skating (fuck being social, right?), and this is only because it’s dark by the time I get home from work, so I can only skate on the weekends. Once the days start becoming longer, it will slowly switch, and I will come out of hibernation. Here’s to a speedy recovery!


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