The Life of a (North)East Coast Skater


This isn’t another post about how much I love skateboarding; I’ve explained that too many times. This is more of just what us skaters who live on the East coast experience from late November to late March (even though I secretly know drool over the posts where I drool over skateboarding).

Last night my friend Luis and I were playing PS4 when it suddenly hit me: that sprained ankle I was talking about a couple of weeks ago has healed rather quickly, and I’ve been itching to skate. Healed ankle + itching to skate = one hell of a weekend. Now, that calculus-level equation I just wrote out is how I would usually feel, but not this time. The thought of skating had me so stoked that I completely forgot my skateboard and I may be going on a dry spell, because it’s that time of the month year – the time where many East coast skaters must battle the freezing temperatures that bitch Mother Nature so happily provides us. So, when Luis said he was down depending on the weather, I looked up this weekend’s forecast and saw it’s supposed to rain on Saturday, and be windy with a high in the mid-30’s on Sunday. Awesome.

East coast skaters don’t have the luxury of the Golden Coast’s warmth during the wintry months. We can’t throw on a t-shirt and pants, grab our boards, and start pushing down the road. We have to throw on a couple of t-shirts, a hoodie, a flannel, a coat, gloves, and a hat. Well, at least I do. There’s not much meat on these bones to keep me warm. During those 30 minutes of getting dressed, we have to mentally prepare ourselves through personal motivation, saying things like, “just power through it. Once you start working up a sweat, you’ll start shedding the 10lb’s of clothing you just put on.” Here’s what sucks: A) those extra pounds of clothing make you feel like you just ate a Chipotle burrito with double meat (although it does help with falling), and B) once you shed some clothing you better keep skating or else you’ll stiffen up, and there’s no coming back from that. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not bashing the people on the West coast for having such awesome weather, it’s more of a jealous rant I so often go through.

There are two options if you do decide to skate during this time on the East Coast: 1) power through the cold and try not to let it affect you, as I explained earlier, or B) find an indoor park near you to skate at. As frustrating as these two choices are, the latter of the two surpasses the former. Unless you have it in with the people who run the indoor park, or you’re lucky enough to have a park of your own, you’ll have to pay every time you go skate. Some of you must be thinking, “it can’t be that expensive to skate, can it?” and the answer to that is: correct-a-mundo. But, you’d be surprised how fast it adds up. To put it in perspective, take a favorite hobby of yours (reading, sleeping, spying on your sister’s hot friends), and pretend you have to pay $5 every time you partake in said hobby. Doesn’t sound cheap anymore, does it? Exactly. It almost makes you want to stop doing it, doesn’t it? Psyche, that’s a little extreme. Although…you may want to stop spying on your sister’s hot friends, you creep. Take it from…never mind, we won’t go there.

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