If this Happens One More Time…


…I’ll be just as mad as I am right now, and that’s as far as it will go.

This past (Black)Friday I skated for the first time since I sprained my ankle some 3-weeks ago. After witnessing firsthand the true terror that comes with Black Friday shopping (thanks Mom and Dad for any Black Friday experiences you went through to make us happy), I was at peace with the world knowing I was ending it with my one true love: my skateboard. (Shopping on that Friday was so bad that I wasn’t in the mood to shop anymore, which is a pretty rare thing for me.) Even though I had to pay $5 to skate at a local indoor park, I decided she (my skateboard) was worth it, and splurged all over the place.

As I pulled up to the park, I noticed there were no spots left. The last time there were no spots left I parked in the parking lot right next to the park; $150 later, and a ride to the local impound lot from some skaterats I was finally on my way home. Homie ain’t about that life, so I created my own spot right behind my friend Luis’s car and went on my merry way. When opening the door, the sounds of the wheels going across the cement floor, the pop of the tail, and the grind of the trucks filled my ears with the loveliest of melodies ever composed. I was in heaven. After putting my ankle brace on (thanks, mom) and stretching a little bit I hopped on my board and the rest is history. Up until it happened.

I broke my board.

Now, I’m not usually upset when I break my board, because I like to think of it as an accomplishment (at least when you’re trying a trick, and you don’t break it out of frustration). But, this time was different. No, it wasn’t because the thought of my friends calling me fat the last time I broke my board is still haunting me (sad face), nor was it the fact that it was my first day back after 3-weeks. It’s the fact that this is my third or fourth broken board in the last 3(ish) months, and decks aren’t cheap – they’re $50 a pop!

Skating after a broken board isn’t the same. I always find my self skating timidly after I break a deck, and I never try doing the trick I broke my board on again the rest of the session, which kind of sucks. It’s always a trick that I need more practice on, but it always has to wait until the next session. However, I put those thoughts behind me the best I could, and was able to continue skating because I always carry a spare deck in the backseat of my car (for times like this).This deck I carry with me at all times is old, which means it has lost its pop making it pretty useless, but sometimes you have to work with what you got and I’m tankful it hasn’t snapped on me yet.

Don’t fret you guys. A new board is on the way (thank you Cyber Monday!), so here’s to hoping it lasts more than a month! Or else…


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