1K, Baby!!


Last night, some kindhearted human being graced their presence on my blog and took home the title of being my 1,000th blog view. If it twas you, please come forward and allow me to make one gesture: I would be honored to shake thy hand of thy person who hath viewed my blog as thy 1,000th viewer. I don’t care where you are (please be local), who you are (please be someone I know), or what you’re doing (please don’t be shooting heroin), I want to do it…No, not that “do it”. I want to shake your hand. Unless you’re a hot girl. Then all bets are off, and I may want to “do it”.

In all seriousness, I want to thank everyone who has viewed my blog. Whether you’re a constant reader, or someone who just happens to see it on Facebook/Twitter and you’re bored at that moment; I don’t really care. This may not seem like a huge milestone to some of you, but to someone who started this blog on a whim I’m actually rather ecstatic about this. I’m going to start a new tradition: whenever I reach a milestone in multiples of 500 (1,500th, 2,000th, etc.) I’m going to share an embarrassing story of mine. Unless my blog suddenly blows up, and my 1,500th view is next week, this could be a highly anticipated tradition. (PS – I had the intentions of doing this last night, because I was at 991 before my last blog post. I thought to myself, “I’ll definitely get 9 views…” To make a long story short – I didn’t. That’s embarrassing, right?)

The Time I Forgot My Birthday (As a Freshman in College)

There I was: an 18 year-young Freshman, so cute and innocent, attending one of those stupid Freshman orientation activities the University puts on for all incoming Freshman. On the way to the Student Center, dreading every step I took in my Sperry Topsiders (give me a break; it was a rookie mistake AND I went to school in the South), I thought to myself, “UGH…I’m too cool for these types of things”, but on I tread.

As I got out on to the basketball courts where all of the other Freshmen were, I immediately looked for people who were in my orientation group. Upon finding them, we formed the “clique circle”. You know, the ones you often see in the halls of high schools or at high school football games. And, what did we do in these groups you ask? Complained. Yes, just like high schooler’s (you can’t put on the costume and not play the part).

After a solid 5-minutes of complaining, some guy got on the speaker system and directed everyone to get into groups according to the month they were born in. Instant chaos erupted. Everyone was asking the closest person to them their birthday months, hoping a stranger would become an instant ally. As the little circles began to grow and grow my level of panic began to raise (and I think this is what effected my thinking). For some odd reason I was suddenly born in the month of June, instead of May. I saw my orientation leader holding up five fingers, and as would any reasonable individual I assumed he was signifying month five – May. Well, he wasn’t. I run over to him, give him a high-five out of excitement, and joined the circle. This is where it went wrong.

Once everything settled down and we were all in our birthday group (except for me, unknowingly), the speaker system guy gets back on and yells, “this is what’s going to happen: I’m going to say a month, in no particular order, and when I say it I want that group to stand up and yell as loud as they can!” (Side note: I don’t see how these orientation leaders have the personality to be so upbeat about something you would see in elementary school.) There I was, sitting down thinking about exactly what I just explained in my side note. “November!” “AHHHHH!” yelled the November group. “February!” “AHHHHH!!!” yelled the February group. “June!” This was it. Here comes the embarrassing part. As I’m sitting there waiting for him to yell May, everyone in my group stands up and yells, “AHHHHH!!!!!!!!” I shit you not, I was so caught off guard I jumped.

Due to the fact I was waiting for May to be called, I was looking down at the floor not even paying attention. When everyone sat back down the girl next to me looks at me and asks, “why didn’t you get up?” Instant hot face. Did I dare tell her that I don’t know what month I was born in? I mean, obviously I do, but in that exact moment it looked like I didn’t. So what did I tell her? I said, “Look, honey. When you’re as mature as I am, you don’t take part in these little kiddie activities” and walked out of the gym. (Just kidding. I told her I wasn’t paying attention, and buried my face in my hands.)


Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you’re looking forward to my next milestone as much as I am. Thanks again!


You Need a Ring for this Club


One of the most common debates in sports is whether or not athletes who have won a ring are on the same level as those who have not won a ring – ranking wise. Yes – a ring would be nice to have under your name, but is it really a big enough factor to say you’re in a different category as someone who has one? What about when you’re comparing an athlete who has one ring to an athlete who has two? An athlete with two compared to one who has three? Etc. Is it fair to say athlete A is ranked lower than Athlete B, because he has a hunk of metal decorated in the finest of jewels offered? Personally, I don’t think so. At least when it comes to team sports that is (baseball, basketball, football, etc.).

If you’re on a team, there’s only so much you can do as an independent athlete on that team to ensure not only punching a ticket to the World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, [insert championship game here], but actually winning it. There are only so many runs you can drive in, shots you can make, yards you can run for, before you need to depend on one of your teammates to help bring home the W. What happens when your teammates become undependable? Your career ranking shouldn’t be faulted because your double-play partner struck out with a runner on third to end the first, and last World Series Game 7 of your career; especially if you won the Triple Crown during the regular season (led the AL/NL in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in).

Should Matt Flynn be considered a better QB than Matt Ryan (aka Matty Ice), simply because Flynn piggybacked off of Aaron Rogers for his Super Bowl ring? That’s what this whole argument often sounds like. You may be thinking, “you’re comparing a starting QB to a second-string QB, that’s a little unfair.” Let us not forget Flynn is tied with Rogers for the franchise record for passing yards in a game, and holds the Packers record for number of touchdowns thrown in a game (6), so he is a record-setter. And, Matt Ryan is a record-setter himself, too: Ryan is 3rd behind Dan Marino (who happens to not have a ring as well) and Peyton Manning for most TD’s in NFL history by a QB in his first 5 seasons; he has the most career wins, best QB rating for a starter, most career passing yards, and many other records for the Falcons Franchise. But, wait, he doesn’t have a ring; let’s put him behind Matt Flynn.

I’ll leave you with a list of star super-star athlete’s who haven’t won a ring for you all to look over, just as a reminder:

  • Patrick Ewing – NBA Hall of Famer, Rookie of the Year (1985), 11-time NBA All-star, recognized as one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time.
  • Charles Barkley – NBA Hall of Famer, NBA MVP (1993), 5-time All NBA First Team awardee, 11-time All-Star, recognized as one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time.
  • Barry Bonds* (yeah yeah yeah, steroids, whatever) – 7-time NL MLB MVP, 8-time Gold Glove winner, 12-time Silver Slugger winner, 762 career home runs (leader), single-season record holder for home runs (73).
  • Dan Marino – NFL Hall of Famer, 9-time Pro Bowl awardee, NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the year (1984), first QB ever to throw for 5,000 yards and 40 TD’s in one season (1984), holds 31 Miami Dolphins franchise records.
  • Ted Williams – MLB Hall of Famer, 19-time All-Star, 2-time MLB MVP, 2-time Triple Crown Winner, MLB All-Time and All-Century team awardee.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. – 13-time All-Star, 10-time Gold Glove winner, 7-time Silver Slugger winner, 630 career home runs (6th overall), MLB All Century team awardee.
  • Barry Sanders – NFL Hall of Famer, 10-time Pro Bowl awardee, 2-time NFL MVP, 6-time First Team All-Pro awardee, #1 Most Elusive Running Back of All-Time (NFL.com), third leading rusher in the NFL. 

I’ll Like Yours if You Like Mine


Social Media: forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos).

This is straight from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, and according to their website the term “social media” was first introduced in 2004. Although the term was introduced 10 years ago, social media was around many years before (remember racing home from middle school to get on AIM?). Matter of fact, the first e-mail, which is considered a form of electronic communication, therefore is a form of social media, was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. The receiver of that e-mail? Ray Tomlinson. He sent it to himself. (Who else was he to send it to?)

Anyway, let me step away from my “Social Media History Professor” role and step back into the role you all have come to know and love (hopefully). This has been on my mind ever since I saw an advertisement on Facebook regarding Instagram a few weeks ago. No where in the definition above does it say anything about social media being a competition for virtual “trophies” forming in the shapes of “likes”, or stating you need X amount of friends/followers to be considered superior to your peers. So, why does it feel like the most common forms of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) have become a competition?

Let me explain: these forms of social media are meant for sharing views/opinions, allowing friends/relatives to see pictures of your most recent girls night out (those pictures that are “safe for work”), sharing videos you created or found on the internet, staying in touch with friends from the past, and many more things. But, why do I keep seeing advertisements on Facebook with, “Want 1,000+ followers on Instagram?! Click here to get your free account!” being the call to action? Or, comments on Instagram from accounts that state, “follow me, I’ll follow back and like 50 of your photos!” Is that what social media is about now-a-days? Having more followers or more likes for statuses/videos/photos than your friends do? I hope not, because A) I feel like I’m back in high school again, where you’re only cool if you have a lot of friends (at least that’s what the majority of high school kids think, unfortunately), and B) in my opinion, a narcissistic society can stem from these virtual “trophies” (if it hasn’t already).


I’m being 100% serious when I say this, and I’m actually a little upset that it happened: I had more to say about this topic. I was interrupted by an office birthday party involving cupcakes, and it caused me to lose my train of thought (who doesn’t lose their mind over cupcakes?!). Now please excuse me while I finish off my 3rd cupcake, because, well, having a fast metabolism allows me to do these wild and crazy things (the 3 cupcakes is a lie, I only had one. But, I do have a fast metabolism, which explains the bod). If I do happen to come across the other things I had to say regarding this topic I’ll post it later. Until then – don’t worry about how many likes your last picture got, or how many followers you have; these things aren’t considered resume stuffers.

It’s Only Jealousy


If you know me on a personal level, you know that I often come up with the strangest of reasons for things; i.e. my logic is outrageous. For instance – I can make jokes about Spanish, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, and White Caucasian people because I am 1/4 of each of those respectively. Or, since one of my brother-in-laws’ is African American I can crack jokes about African American’s as well! (I promise you I am not racist at all, and these jokes are light-hearted.) Now that you know how skewed my logic can be, try this on for size: society doesn’t get mad at skaters for damaging property, being rebellious, or being obnoxious; society gets made at skaters because society is simply jealous of them.

Skaters are some of the most persistent individuals out there. It sometimes takes hours, days, weeks, possibly even months to get a trick down, and I’m talking about one trick. We’ll try over, and over, and over, and over, and over again just to land that one trick. No matter how hard the kid you just saw slam while trying to do a switch flip down a set of stairs, you better believe that kid will be back at it again tomorrow. Stemming from this – how many ways is there to successfully land a trick (essentially “scoring”)? One: on all four wheels. How many ways is there to score in other sports? Baseball: a hit, error, fielder’s choice, sac fly/bunt, passed ball/wild pitch (at least 7); Football: a run, pass, field goal, safety (at least 4); Basketball: a shot, layup, dunk, free throw (at least 4).

Skaters are some of the most creative individuals out there. This argument kind of piggy-backs off of a post I wrote back in September, so I’ll keep this argument short. The desk that my laptop is sitting on right now, and most likely yours? I can tell you 5 ways I could make it skateable: 1) I could slide on it; 2) I could grind on it; 3) I could manual on it; 4) I could flip over it; 5) I could cut the two right legs off of it and use it as a kicker (ramp). TA DAAAAAAA! And to think you had the audacity to doubt me. I’m through with you.

Skaters can skate anywhere the ground is hard. I’m not bashing other sports right now, because I’m a huge sports fan, but when’s the last time you saw a baseball game take place on a street median? When’s the last time you saw a football game going on in a culvert? Unless you can find a median big enough to field a 9-man lineup, or a culvert that is 53 1/3 yards wide, chances are you haven’t. Watch any skate video, and the chances you see a skater skating one of the two aforementioned is greater than Miley Cyrus having a provocative performance the next time she’s on stage (ooooh – how I love thee, Miley).

Skaters turn more heads than Jennifer Lawrence walking down the red carpet (and she’s hot as shit)Ever been in a downtown setting enjoying a nice, peaceful afternoon with your friends/parents/significant other/etc. and heard a faint “krrrrr…” only getting louder and louder with every second passing by? You then do what any curious individual would do and turn your head, not knowing what to expect. Upon searching the roads you see some guy/girl cruising on a skateboard, the “krrrrr” sound getting louder with every push, rapidly approaching you. You then watch him/her up until he/she passes, gracefully weaving in and out of traffic, and take a sharp right turn down a side street. Yeahhhh…don’t strain your neck next time – it’s hard not to look.

So – who wouldn’t be jealous of a persistent, creative, versatile, head turner of a human being? It would probably take more effort NOT being jealous. I don’t want to sound cocky or arrogant, and I know anytime someone says that they know they’re coming off as sounding cocky or arrogant, but I’m just trying to portray the beauty of skateboarding, and expressing the views and opinions by a skater himself.

Re: What is Money


This morning, after I slept through five minutes of my alarm because I thought the vibration noise was coming from the basement, I awoke to an email from WordPress. For those non-WordPress users, these emails typically mean two things: 1) you gained a new follower, or 2) someone commented on a blog post of yours. For a blogger fresh in his rookie campaign like myself, these emails often come as quite a surprise and leave a positive feeling raining down on you.

As I wiped away the remnants of beauty sleep from my eyes I opened up the email. To my lovely surprise, an anonymous reader commented on yesterday’s post. Eager to hear what they had to say, I wiped my eyes a few more times and began to read. To be honest – I read the first few words (“money represents material (tangible) objects…) and I stopped, thinking to myself, “wow…some asshole had nothing better to do last night but to give me the literal meaning of money, and make it a blog post in and of itself.” Despite the “ughhhh” feeling I had, I continued to read. Thankfully I pushed myself to read it, because shortly after the first 5 words I knew exactly who Mr. Anonymous was. I wanted to share it with you all, because what he had to say was very, very interesting. I talked to him later in the morning and told him he should start his own blog. If/when he does, I’ll be his first follower!

Without further ado, I present to you the longest comment 1) I’ll probably ever receive, and 2) I’ve ever personally seen. I hope future blog posts of mine will spark the same interest in your mind as it did his!

money represents material (tangible) objects, like shirts, cars, skateboards, and bangin ass celebrity delly sandwiches. translated differently, money also represents necessity, like materials to keep you warm, modes of transportation (whether it be a personal vehicle or public transit), things that bring you joy (a person can’t live life without moments of happiness), and ways to get the proper nutrients in your body so you maintain a heartbeat. important to note, any necessity you need in life can be facilitated without money, however, who really wants to go make dough, kill a turkey, skin it, and then cook it to make that turkey sandwich?

money represents a lot of things depending on perspective, some people say its a drug, others say it’s time, momentary happiness, experiences (you can’t realistically float to europe…technically you could), wants/needs, turkey sandwiches, etc etc.

money does absolutely nothing for the intangibles in life; the intangibles represent true happiness for me. sure, anything can be bought — you can buy a golddigger, you can buy a friend, you can buy respect, you can buy a position of power, etc. what’s lacking is authenticity. any friend that can be bought, is a material object that can be replaced; same as any golddigger, any position of power, respect, etc. true happiness, comes from surrounding yourself with authentic intangibles, things that cant be replaced, that are not bought, but earned.

all in all, you dont NEED money, but it makes life a lot simpler since you dont have to david boone it 24/7. safe to say the vast majority of the population WANTS money, and for whatever reason they’d like to have it, and by whatever means they try to get it, more power to em! personally, going to a job that you’d do for free, would be a dream; very few people get to experience that in their lifetimes, but it’s definitely a standard to strive for — “if not you, then who?” is my motto. however, a person currently at job they “dislike,” should look at the glass half. had that person been at a job they did like, they wouldn’t have been able to find time to share some very interesting points of view on a blog, or express their creative/satirical/theOnion-esque writing capabilities, or start building a portfolio of articles to showcase to a potential new boss, or discover the value of having free time to explore one’s mind and the millions of thoughts that run through it on a daily basis :)…emphasis on the “free”; time is money eh? money is money, time is time. #JwillstillusesChrome #icanridemybikewithnohandlebars #toleaseorbuy? #COACHHHH

What is Money?


They say driving is one of the best times to let your mind wander; a close second to showering (not in my book – I prefer to sing and dance in the shower). While I was driving home from work yesterday, I let my mind go. I found myself thinking about money. Now when I say I was thinking about money, I don’t mean I was thinking about it in a literal way: i.e. what does money mean? I know money is a current medium of exchange, but what does money represent? If money were a person, what type of role would money play in society? These are the types of thoughts racing through my mind while I was, ironically, racing through rush hour traffic on 495.

To a lot of people, money represents happiness. Now I’m not saying those people are wrong, but I kindly disagree. I think happiness should be brought upon your job and not how much money you make from it. If you find yourself constantly counting down the minutes to go home while you’re at work, chances are you’re not happy with your job. Yeah – the money may be good at first, and you can spend it on things that make you happy, but that’s just a periodic state of happiness. Eventually the feelings you once had towards the object you just bought will change, and you’ll seek something else. In return, you’ll count down more minutes at work to buy the next object that provides you with short-term happiness.

While we’re on the subject of counting down minutes, money to me represents time. You shouldn’t sacrifice your time doing something you don’t enjoy just to have money. You should be doing something that you’re excited to wake up for in the whee hours of the morning. We spend countless numbers of hours working with hopes of making money in return. My roommate brought up a good example of this last night: when he get’s bored at work, he likes to take a stroll down the virtual isles of his favorite stores online. If he does buy something, he reflects back on his purchase and thinks, “I didn’t just spend $55 on that button up, I spent 3 hours at work on it”. You may be thinking, “well, the money you spent on a $55 shirt can easily be made back in another 3 hours of work, so what?” Take, for instance, buying a car, something much grander than an article of clothing. Does it not make since to think, “I’m going to have to work X amount of hours in years in order to pay this car off”.

Ever try and put money in a role that’s more than just a tangible object? For instance, if money wasn’t a simple piece of paper or a combination of metals with some seals, signatures, and images on it, I would envision it as a middle man. Whether that middle man is a delivery man who works for UPS, a waitress who brings you your food, or even a drug runner, he/she gets you what you want from point A to point B. You want those shoes that are on the shelf? Money can get those shoes off of the shelf and on to your feet. You want to buy that cutie at the end of the bar a drink? Money can get the liquor into a cup, into her hand, into her system, and eventually into your bed (heyyyyyy). Just kidding, hopefully you get what I’m trying to say: money is essentially a middle man.

What I just blabbered on about is simply food for thought. I figured it was an interesting topic, because EVERYONE is effected by money in some sense. You may have totally different views of what money represents, but I’m doing what blogs are meant for: expressing my ideas and opinions, and sharing those ideas and opinions for others to read. Thanks for reading!

The Real World (Not the MTV Show)


Earlier this morning, while I was making myself look busy at work (don’t judge me, we all do it), I had an epiphany. Now bare with me, because this may get strange. When one is given enough time to let their mind be free and wander the mysteries of life itself, one may often be hit with the most bizarre propositions ever; even if those propositions are pretty far fetched. Let us take a ride into the depths of my mind. Buckle up, because…well…click-it or ticket, right?

Rewind to a few nights ago: My roommates and I were having a family dinner and talking about how much we despise our current employment situations and how we would much rather be doing something else. But, you can’t get picky with jobs now-a-days, because it’s hard as hell to get one, and any experience is better than none. Many reasons were being thrown into discussion as to why we aren’t fans of our jobs, but one that we all seemed to agree upon is that we’re sitting behind a computer screen 95% of the day. I mentioned to my roomies that whenever I go to the bathroom and check myself out look at myself in the mirror, my eyes are always bloodshot red, and I’ve come to conclusion it’s because of the aforementioned reason we all agreed upon: I stare at a computer screen all day.

Fast forward to this morning: Here I am at work, letting my mind wander, when BOOM – it hits me. You know when you were younger and you used to get yelled at for sitting too close to the TV? Kind of like, “Manny – scoot back! You’ll fry your retinas!” (yeah, Mom. As if 6 year old me knows what retinas are…) Well, why should 6-year old Manny back away from the TV, MOMMMMM? He’s just going to grow up to sit behind a desk and stare at a laptop screen/computer monitor two feet from his face for the first couple of years of his employment career. (Don’t worry, guys. I’m working on something that’ll probably put me behind a computer screen for only 70% of the day, but it’ll be something I enjoy.) Try to be optimistic about it and think, “maybe he’s just preparing himself for the real world…he’s such a smart boy!”

So go ahead and sit as close to that TV as you want, child. And, if your parents give you a hard time for doing so, simply show them this. After all, they’re probably sitting closer to a screen than you are, AND for a much longer period of time.  

I don’t want it to sound like I’m bitching about my current employment situation, because that was not my intention with this post. I’m thankful to have any job. My intention was to give you a sneak peek at how my mind works in a lighthearted, humorous way – if you haven’t noticed already from previous post’s. How I was able to correlate what happens to a majority of people who work in today’s world to getting yelled at for sitting too close to a TV as a kid is pretty fascinating, no? You don’t think so? Well – your opinion sucks. 

It Kills Me to Say This…


…but I hate the snow. You all may be gasping in disbelief, because if you follow me on Instagram, or you’re my friend on Facebook, then you would have seen the two pictures I posted when it snowed here last Thursday night with the caption, “snow makes me as giddy as a school girl *sassy girl emoticon*”. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the weatherman was right in terms of accumulation. We got a solid 3+ inches of God’s gift to Earth, and cold enough temperatures for it to stick to the roads. My roommates and I thought, without a doubt, we weren’t going into work the next day because of the following reasons: 1) as stated before: it actually snowed; 2) the frigid temperatures froze the roads over; and 3) it said online the option to telework was in effect if you have the option to do so, and this was the night before. Does that not sound like a recipe for a snow day?! Well, when you’re an old fart like me…it doesn’t.

That night my roommates and I stayed up into the whee hours of the morning, laughing and giggling (you know, the things that roomies do), looking forward to our day off. We all usually get in bed relatively early during the week, but for some reason none of us were tired (I like to think it was because they were all just as giddy as I was, but they may say otherwise). Boy, were we in for a rude awakening in the morning. The following bullets draw out the events that occurred that Friday morning. These are their stories *dun dun*.

  • Roommate number 1 – Justin: Justin was hoping to wake up in the morning with an email from his boss saying the offices were closed. This is because Justin doesn’t have the option to telework. As the sunlight peaked through Justin’s curtains, begging his eyes to open, Justin rolled over, but even he couldn’t escape the wretched sun. Eager to see the email stating work was closed, Justin grabbed his laptop and opened up Safari. Justin lay there, eyes as wide as the Atlantic Ocean, in complete shock. To no avail, the email was not there. Justin had to go to work.
  • Roommate number 2 – Jon: Jon, like me, is fortunate enough to have the option of working from home, so he had his mind set on doing so. Jon was woken from his slumber by a text from a little monkey that we all love. Seeing as how he was already up, Jon decided to grab his laptop and set up shop in the living room to begin his day. Just to make sure, Jon sent his boss a text letting him know that he would be working from home. On this day, and it was very unfortunate for Jon, that’s not how the cookie crumbled. Jon was asked to come into work by his boss.
  • Me – Manny: Manny, as stated before, is also fortunate enough to have the option of working from home. Manny was also looking forward to working from home, because he was in the process of getting over a bad cold. As Manny woke up, with no recollection of anything, he grabbed his phone and stumbled out into the living room. He plopped himself down on the couch, opposite of Jon, and emailed his boss making sure he was aware of the fact Manny was working from home. When the email response came through, Manny was overcome by depression. He, too, was asked to come into work by his boss.
  • Roommate number 4 – Shawn: Shawn lay in his bed, dreaming of scoring the Stanley Cup clinching goal on Martin Brodeur, because Shawn requested PTO in advance. He had the day off regardless. (God damn it, Shawn. You smart mother fucker, you.)

That’s how it all unfolded. Fuck the snow.

It’s a Curse


On perhaps the biggest party night of the year, I am struck with a New Year’s Eve curse. It may be a personal curse, but a curse is a curse is a curse. For a majority of my past New Years Eve experiences’ I’ve been either sick or taking care of someone who’s sick, thus affecting my ability to ring in the New Year properly. I wouldn’t necessarily say it ruins my New Year’s, because if I’m taking care of someone who is sick, it’s typically someone I care for, so I don’t really mind. If I’m the sick one, then I’ll either stay in for the night or simply not drink a lot, which I also don’t mind. But, just because I don’t mind these alternatives doesn’t mean I want this to be a recurring thing. I want to be able to make a decision on whether or not I party too hard without any of these illnesses playing a role in the decision making.

  • New Year’s Eve freshman year of college, soooo…2008 into 2009, I had pink eye. (I think it was that year). Yeah, yeah, yeah – thanks to the movie Knocked Up I always get shit (no pun intended) for telling people this, but to my knowledge it wasn’t because someone farted on my pillow. I probably just wiped my eye with shit (also kidding). Anyways, that’s why I stayed home. Funny story about this, and for confidential purposes I’m keeping names out of it: I was supposed to be going to some club in DC with a group of friends, and there’s nothing more I hate than club’s. When I told said group of friends’ of my condition, I was “in trouble” in a sense. One of the individuals in the group was mad at me because I got pink eye, as if I purposely got it. At the time I thought that individual was being ridiculous, but looking back on it I just find it ridiculously funny, and hopefully they can too.
  • New Year’s Eve my senior year of college, 2012 into 2013, I was in the hospital with someone who had a Universal Technical Institute, and we’ll leave it at that.
  • This past Tuesday on New Year’s Eve I woke up with a sore throat, along with a minor case of fatigue. The only guess as to how I got sick this time was because I just moved into a new house, and I’m adjusting to it..? I don’t know. That may be a stretch, but it’s all I can think of.

Anyway, as previously stated; just because I don’t mind taking it easy on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean I want this curse to keep happening. So please, sweet baby New Year, grant me this one request: let’s stop this curse in its tracks. My New Year’s resolution this year is to have a healthy New Year’s Eve, and I promise I won’t take advantage of the fact I’m healthy. Kthanksbyeeee.