It Kills Me to Say This…


…but I hate the snow. You all may be gasping in disbelief, because if you follow me on Instagram, or you’re my friend on Facebook, then you would have seen the two pictures I posted when it snowed here last Thursday night with the caption, “snow makes me as giddy as a school girl *sassy girl emoticon*”. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, the weatherman was right in terms of accumulation. We got a solid 3+ inches of God’s gift to Earth, and cold enough temperatures for it to stick to the roads. My roommates and I thought, without a doubt, we weren’t going into work the next day because of the following reasons: 1) as stated before: it actually snowed; 2) the frigid temperatures froze the roads over; and 3) it said online the option to telework was in effect if you have the option to do so, and this was the night before. Does that not sound like a recipe for a snow day?! Well, when you’re an old fart like me…it doesn’t.

That night my roommates and I stayed up into the whee hours of the morning, laughing and giggling (you know, the things that roomies do), looking forward to our day off. We all usually get in bed relatively early during the week, but for some reason none of us were tired (I like to think it was because they were all just as giddy as I was, but they may say otherwise). Boy, were we in for a rude awakening in the morning. The following bullets draw out the events that occurred that Friday morning. These are their stories *dun dun*.

  • Roommate number 1 – Justin: Justin was hoping to wake up in the morning with an email from his boss saying the offices were closed. This is because Justin doesn’t have the option to telework. As the sunlight peaked through Justin’s curtains, begging his eyes to open, Justin rolled over, but even he couldn’t escape the wretched sun. Eager to see the email stating work was closed, Justin grabbed his laptop and opened up Safari. Justin lay there, eyes as wide as the Atlantic Ocean, in complete shock. To no avail, the email was not there. Justin had to go to work.
  • Roommate number 2 – Jon: Jon, like me, is fortunate enough to have the option of working from home, so he had his mind set on doing so. Jon was woken from his slumber by a text from a little monkey that we all love. Seeing as how he was already up, Jon decided to grab his laptop and set up shop in the living room to begin his day. Just to make sure, Jon sent his boss a text letting him know that he would be working from home. On this day, and it was very unfortunate for Jon, that’s not how the cookie crumbled. Jon was asked to come into work by his boss.
  • Me – Manny: Manny, as stated before, is also fortunate enough to have the option of working from home. Manny was also looking forward to working from home, because he was in the process of getting over a bad cold. As Manny woke up, with no recollection of anything, he grabbed his phone and stumbled out into the living room. He plopped himself down on the couch, opposite of Jon, and emailed his boss making sure he was aware of the fact Manny was working from home. When the email response came through, Manny was overcome by depression. He, too, was asked to come into work by his boss.
  • Roommate number 4 – Shawn: Shawn lay in his bed, dreaming of scoring the Stanley Cup clinching goal on Martin Brodeur, because Shawn requested PTO in advance. He had the day off regardless. (God damn it, Shawn. You smart mother fucker, you.)

That’s how it all unfolded. Fuck the snow.


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