The Real World (Not the MTV Show)


Earlier this morning, while I was making myself look busy at work (don’t judge me, we all do it), I had an epiphany. Now bare with me, because this may get strange. When one is given enough time to let their mind be free and wander the mysteries of life itself, one may often be hit with the most bizarre propositions ever; even if those propositions are pretty far fetched. Let us take a ride into the depths of my mind. Buckle up, because…well…click-it or ticket, right?

Rewind to a few nights ago: My roommates and I were having a family dinner and talking about how much we despise our current employment situations and how we would much rather be doing something else. But, you can’t get picky with jobs now-a-days, because it’s hard as hell to get one, and any experience is better than none. Many reasons were being thrown into discussion as to why we aren’t fans of our jobs, but one that we all seemed to agree upon is that we’re sitting behind a computer screen 95% of the day. I mentioned to my roomies that whenever I go to the bathroom and check myself out look at myself in the mirror, my eyes are always bloodshot red, and I’ve come to conclusion it’s because of the aforementioned reason we all agreed upon: I stare at a computer screen all day.

Fast forward to this morning: Here I am at work, letting my mind wander, when BOOM – it hits me. You know when you were younger and you used to get yelled at for sitting too close to the TV? Kind of like, “Manny – scoot back! You’ll fry your retinas!” (yeah, Mom. As if 6 year old me knows what retinas are…) Well, why should 6-year old Manny back away from the TV, MOMMMMM? He’s just going to grow up to sit behind a desk and stare at a laptop screen/computer monitor two feet from his face for the first couple of years of his employment career. (Don’t worry, guys. I’m working on something that’ll probably put me behind a computer screen for only 70% of the day, but it’ll be something I enjoy.) Try to be optimistic about it and think, “maybe he’s just preparing himself for the real world…he’s such a smart boy!”

So go ahead and sit as close to that TV as you want, child. And, if your parents give you a hard time for doing so, simply show them this. After all, they’re probably sitting closer to a screen than you are, AND for a much longer period of time.  

I don’t want it to sound like I’m bitching about my current employment situation, because that was not my intention with this post. I’m thankful to have any job. My intention was to give you a sneak peek at how my mind works in a lighthearted, humorous way – if you haven’t noticed already from previous post’s. How I was able to correlate what happens to a majority of people who work in today’s world to getting yelled at for sitting too close to a TV as a kid is pretty fascinating, no? You don’t think so? Well – your opinion sucks. 


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