What is Money?


They say driving is one of the best times to let your mind wander; a close second to showering (not in my book – I prefer to sing and dance in the shower). While I was driving home from work yesterday, I let my mind go. I found myself thinking about money. Now when I say I was thinking about money, I don’t mean I was thinking about it in a literal way: i.e. what does money mean? I know money is a current medium of exchange, but what does money represent? If money were a person, what type of role would money play in society? These are the types of thoughts racing through my mind while I was, ironically, racing through rush hour traffic on 495.

To a lot of people, money represents happiness. Now I’m not saying those people are wrong, but I kindly disagree. I think happiness should be brought upon your job and not how much money you make from it. If you find yourself constantly counting down the minutes to go home while you’re at work, chances are you’re not happy with your job. Yeah – the money may be good at first, and you can spend it on things that make you happy, but that’s just a periodic state of happiness. Eventually the feelings you once had towards the object you just bought will change, and you’ll seek something else. In return, you’ll count down more minutes at work to buy the next object that provides you with short-term happiness.

While we’re on the subject of counting down minutes, money to me represents time. You shouldn’t sacrifice your time doing something you don’t enjoy just to have money. You should be doing something that you’re excited to wake up for in the whee hours of the morning. We spend countless numbers of hours working with hopes of making money in return. My roommate brought up a good example of this last night: when he get’s bored at work, he likes to take a stroll down the virtual isles of his favorite stores online. If he does buy something, he reflects back on his purchase and thinks, “I didn’t just spend $55 on that button up, I spent 3 hours at work on it”. You may be thinking, “well, the money you spent on a $55 shirt can easily be made back in another 3 hours of work, so what?” Take, for instance, buying a car, something much grander than an article of clothing. Does it not make since to think, “I’m going to have to work X amount of hours in years in order to pay this car off”.

Ever try and put money in a role that’s more than just a tangible object? For instance, if money wasn’t a simple piece of paper or a combination of metals with some seals, signatures, and images on it, I would envision it as a middle man. Whether that middle man is a delivery man who works for UPS, a waitress who brings you your food, or even a drug runner, he/she gets you what you want from point A to point B. You want those shoes that are on the shelf? Money can get those shoes off of the shelf and on to your feet. You want to buy that cutie at the end of the bar a drink? Money can get the liquor into a cup, into her hand, into her system, and eventually into your bed (heyyyyyy). Just kidding, hopefully you get what I’m trying to say: money is essentially a middle man.

What I just blabbered on about is simply food for thought. I figured it was an interesting topic, because EVERYONE is effected by money in some sense. You may have totally different views of what money represents, but I’m doing what blogs are meant for: expressing my ideas and opinions, and sharing those ideas and opinions for others to read. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “What is Money?

  1. money represents material (tangible) objects, like shirts, cars, skateboards, and bangin ass celebrity delly sandwiches. translated differently, money also represents necessity, like materials to keep you warm, modes of transportation (whether it be a personal vehicle or public transit), things that bring you joy (a person can’t live life without moments of happiness), and ways to get the proper nutrients in your body so you maintain a heartbeat. important to note, any necessity you need in life can be facilitated without money, however, who really wants to go make dough, kill a turkey, skin it, and then cook it to make that turkey sandwich?

    money represents a lot of things depending on perspective, some people say its a drug, others say it’s time, momentary happiness, experiences (you can’t realistically float to europe…technically you could), wants/needs, turkey sandwiches, etc etc.

    money does absolutely nothing for the intangibles in life; the intangibles represent true happiness for me. sure, anything can be bought — you can buy a golddigger, you can buy a friend, you can buy respect, you can buy a position of power, etc. what’s lacking is authenticity. any friend that can be bought, is a material object that can be replaced; same as any golddigger, any position of power, respect, etc. true happiness, comes from surrounding yourself with authentic intangibles, things that cant be replaced, that are not bought, but earned.

    all in all, you dont NEED money, but it makes life a lot simpler since you dont have to david boone it 24/7. safe to say the vast majority of the population WANTS money, and for whatever reason they’d like to have it, and by whatever means they try to get it, more power to em! personally, going to a job that you’d do for free, would be a dream; very few people get to experience that in their lifetimes, but it’s definitely a standard to strive for — “if not you, then who?” is my motto. however, a person currently at job they “dislike,” should look at the glass half. had that person been at a job they did like, they wouldn’t have been able to find time to share some very interesting points of view on a blog, or express their creative/satirical/theOnion-esque writing capabilities, or start building a portfolio of articles to showcase to a potential new boss, or discover the value of having free time to explore one’s mind and the millions of thoughts that run through it on a daily basis :)…emphasis on the “free”; time is money eh? money is money, time is time. #JwillstillusesChrome #icanridemybikewithnohandlebars #toleaseorbuy? #COACHHHH

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