Table Talk: Episode 1


One of the pro’s that comes with living in the same house as three of your closest friends is when you sit down for dinner, which we try to do together every night, you often times come across some interesting topics of conversation. I can’t recall who brought this up the other night, but we got on the topic of how nothing can be deleted from the internet; social media in particular. You may think the 6-second Snapchat of you provocatively using an article of fruit you sent to your boo last night is now only accessible through his imagination, but you’re wrong. (Before I could even complete the Google search in the link provided, the search engine was already filling in the search bar for me.It’s not only Snapchats that can be recovered. You think just because you deleted that tweet seconds after it went public it’s erased forever? Not in a world where Twitter sees 100 million daily active users it isn’t. All it takes is one simple screenshot, and boom, controversy.

We’re only just now beginning to see how tweets/statues/photo’s can ruin a celebrity’s reputation, but think about the future. For all we know the 55th President of the United States could have just tweeted something racist while sitting in Mrs. Smith’s 6th grade English class; the next star athlete could have Snapchatted a sexual picture to all of the girls in his Freshman Spanish class; Time’s next “Person of the Year” could have just Instagramed a picture of the newest addition to his bong collection; etc. It may not effect these individuals now, but all it takes is that one accusation and everything goes out of control. With how messed up this world is, I guarantee there is someone out there who would not hesitate to go back and pull up a future celebrity’s social media page just to get a share of the limelight; even if that means ruining the career of someone they don’t know, or better yet, an old friend.

I’m not here to tell people what they should and should not post on social media, because that conversation could be as annoying as the thousands of times Mom and Dad told you not to take candy from a stranger. I’m just doing what I normally do: giving you all food for thought. With how big social media is now-a-days, your past is as easily accessible as that girl standing on the end of your street at 3 in the morning in her stilettos. Family members, friends, friends of friends, strangers, employees, potential employers, just about anyone can access your social media pages if they really wanted to. That alone should make you think twice about the things you post to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.


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