Does this Thing Work?


Well, well, well – what do we have here? Is this the blog I used to be ever so on top of, in which I would write posts just about every other day? With me being a month+ older than I used to be when I was so actively blogging, I feel like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights not knowing what to do with his hands during his interview. Do I use them to type, thus making words appear on the screen? Do I sit on them and speak through the microphone, finally utilizing the speak-to-text function on my laptop (does my laptop even have this function?)? Do I use them to massage my temples, as I concentrate ever so hard on making words appear like magic? This shit is too confusing. Why did I get back into this?

Since it’s been an eternity in dog years, let’s try to catch you up on what’s been going on in my life and events that have occurred since my last blog post:

  • The entire 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • The entire MLB Spring training season, plus the first 11-12 regular season games.
  • Two of my friends and I are in the early stages of starting a skate company.
  • The Camp had its first kegger, in which 30ish(?) people stopped on by.
  • Bubba Watson took home is second green jacket in three years.
  • The Caps choked yet again (at least it wasn’t in the playoffs this time, amiright?).
  • The Sox visited the White House, something I should have gone and tried to see; considering I live 20-30 minutes from Obama.
  • A Malaysian Airline got abducted by Aliens.
  • I got a new pair of shoes and a new skateboard.
  • I had a pretty long beard going, in which I didn’t trim for 2ish months, only to trim it because I got sick, and every time I blew my nose snot got stuck in my mustache (I learned something the day I trimmed it: it’s possible for you to look younger when you trim your beard even when the ending result is you still having facial hair. I thought that only occurred when you clean shaved. Who would have thunk it?)
  • My roommate Jwil and I planned a trip up to Boston to see the Sox play the Yankees in the final series of the season, which just so happens to be Dick Beater’s Derek Jeter’s last Friday night game of his regular season career.
  • And, saving the best for last: I have a girlfriend!!!!!!111!!11!!!1!1!!! 🙂

Ummmm…I think I blogged correctly. Come back in another two-months to read the next post. I need time to get back into the swing of things.


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