Bro-ad Trip


This past weekend two of my roommates and I hit the road heading to my home away from home – Charleston, South Carolina. Our 4th roommate, God rest his soul, wasn’t able to come and it kind of put a damper on the trip. (Wait, that made it sound like he died, which is not the case (oops). He just couldn’t get the time off from work.) Not only was the trip satisfying in and of itself, it was also satisfying because we actually followed through with a plan we made. This is how the planning process goes between the four of us (Come with me, and you’ll see, just how indecisive The Camp can be):

Jwil (sitting on one of the couches, laptop on, well, his lap of course): “So, what do you guys wanna do for dinner?” Shawn (sitting in his wicker chair, pondering the many mysteries of life): “I’m down for whatever.” Jon (sitting on the other couch, on Instagram or cycling mag in hand): “Yeah, it doesn’t really matter to me.” Manny (sitting in recliner, on instagram or watching some skate video): “We can either go out to eat or make something here, but nothing here has been defrosted soooo…(leaves conversation open, hoping someone will bite)”

Two hours later

Jwil/Shawn/Jon/Manny: “So, what’s the plan for dinner?”


I promise you, it’s exactly like that. You can judge all you want, none of us care; it’s what makes us unique.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Charleston. We decided to go there because: a) the city is amazing; b) we have a free place to stay; c) the beach is a 5-minute drive from our house; d) the weather is perfect down there this time of the year; e) Shawn’s never been; f) I know the area pretty well; g) the southern hospitality is fantastic; h) traffic down there is similar to a normal commute up here;…and z) we had to get away, and boy did we ever.

It’s about an 8-hour drive down there, but it definitely flies when you’ve got 80’s Cardio blasting on Pandora a majority of the ride down. Thursday and Friday we were at the beach by 11:30 am, beer in hand, soakin’ up the rays. After the beach, we went home, showered, and then headed downtown to walk around/get some lunch and hit up happy hour at some local bars. On Saturday, we enjoyed a nice brunch outside, mimosas (as the first round of drinks) on deck, and then went and hung out at the pool, but not before we took a quick cat nap at home (again – judge all you want). Saturday night we enjoyed a nice dinner at my favorite place in Charleston, Taco Boy, with my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law. Now, does that not sound like the most relaxing vacation ever? It was so relaxing, we were all in bed by 10:30 pm. (I know, I know – you’re dealing with some of the most badass people in the lands).
All in all, it was a successful trip; the sunburn was well worth it. We’re looking forward to the next Camp Getaway, hopefully with all four roommates included. We were talking about possibly going to Miami. Or, back to Charleston. Maybe it was New Orleans? Vegas? Fucking indecisiveness…it really is a disease.

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